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Coding clubs

The Australian Centre for Robotic Vision has partnered with CoderDojo in Brisbane, loaning the group our NAO robot, Franko, to practice their coding skills on. In 2015 CoderDojo members showcased their coding skills on stage at Robotronica, showing off some of Franko’s capabilities. CoderDojo is an open source, volunteer led, global movement of free coding clubs for young kids founded by James Whelton and Bill Liao in 2011. As of January 2015 there were over 550+ verified Dojos in 55 countries and the group is growing everyday.

Professional Development and Mentoring

Leadership Development

As part of the human capital development and planning the Executive Committee has identified successors for the key roles of Director and Research Theme leaders. These individuals will be mentored in areas of leadership and take on responsibilities such as participating in Executive Committee meetings when the incumbent is on leave. Each Theme Leader, and the Director, has a nominated deputy who fulfils their role during short-term absences. The Executive Committee has also appointed CIs to portfolio leadership roles (supported by the operations and administration group) to achieve the Centre’s goals.



All ACRV researchers will be appointed a mentor located at another node.  The goal is to provide all ACRV researchers with a mentor who will act as a trusted advisor. Mentors will be selected from a node that the mentee intends to visit. Mentoring relationships are flexible and intended to support (not replace) existing supervisory relationships. Participation is voluntary. Benefits of having a mentor include access to an informed second opinion, gaining insight into one’s own performance through a ‘critical friend’, identifying personal development needs and opportunities as well as learning from the experience of the mentor.

The role of a mentor may include:

  • Sharing expertise and experience to help mentees develop their talents;
  • Listening, clarifying, reflecting back and, when called for, challenging mentees to view issues from a variety of perspectives;
  • Opening doors, helping the mentee to network and develop their careers;
  • Providing a safe sounding board for mentees to raise and talk about issues.


The role of a mentee may include:

  • Taking responsibility for identifying and achieving development and career goals;
  • Initiating meetings with their mentor, managing meeting dates and times and setting the agenda;
  • Being open to and appreciating different perspectives as well as constructive and honest feedback;
  • Being considerate of the demands placed on their mentor’s time.

Public Outreach

The ACRV engages with industry, business, government and the community through its Communication, Engagement and Outreach Program (CEOP). The CEOP conducts and delivers a number of engagement activities including forums, workshops and presentations. We actively promote the Centre through traditional media channels that targets local, national and international news and current affairs programs and outlets. The Centre also promotes its activities online and through social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Flickr, Instagram and YouTube. The ACRV website ( targets a cross-section of audiences, providing information about the Centre, access to resources, research services and downloads of research, teaching and educational tools. As it evolves our website will also host general interest material such as videos, interactive technology demonstrators, open online educational material suitable for self-directed study by interested students; as well as information for external researchers such as published papers, reports and open-source software.


The general community has an enduring fascination with robots. Technology demonstrations, a key methodology for the Centre’s projects, will be disseminated through YouTube or more traditional media such as print, radio and TV. School students will be reached through TV programs such as Totally Wild and Scope, workshops for high school teachers, and talks in schools by project researchers will be encouraged. Our annual report will present the achievements of the Centre and be available in electronic form and distributed in hardcopy to selected end-users. Our community outreach program will include an innovative undergraduate curriculum, as well as the organisation of an annual intensive residential summer school for students from across Australia at the graduate level to connect the largely disjoint fields of robotics and computer vision and undertake hands-on project work. The first of these Robotic Vision Summer Schools (RVSS 2015) was held at ANU’s Kialoa campus in March 2015.


During 2014 the Centre delivered 79 government, industry and business community briefings and 40 public awareness and outreach programs. The Centre also developed “Introduction to Robotics” and “Robotic Vision” MOOCs to be delivered in early 2015. MOOCs, free, online courses are open to everyone and offer access to world-class tertiary education and provide a platform for interactive user forums and communities (see MOOC case study).

Name Location Role
Zongyuan GeQUTPhD Candidate
Zhibin LiaoUniversity of AdelaidePhD Candidate
Zetao “Jason” ChenQUTPhD Candidate
Yuchao JiangUniversity of AdelaidePhD Candidate
Yi “Joey” ZhouANUPhD Candidate
Yasir LatifUniversity of AdelaideResearch Fellow
Yan ZouMonashPhD Candidate
Xiaoqin WangMonashPhD Candidate
Will ChamberlainQUTPhD Candidate
Viorela IlaANUResearch Fellow
Vincent LuiMonashPhD Candidate
Vijay KumarUniversity of AdelaideResearch Fellow
Trung Than PhamUniversity of AdelaideResearch Fellow
Tristan PerezQUTAssociate Investigator
Tracy KellyQUTFinance & Administration Officer
Tong ShenUniversity of AdelaidePhD Candidate
Tom DrummondMonash UniversityChief Investigator
Tim MacugaQUTCommunications and Media Officer
Thuy MaiUniversity of AdelaideNode Administration Officer
Thanuja DharmasiriMonashPhD Candidate
Tat-Jun ChinUniversity of AdelaideAssociate Investigator
Sue KeayQUTChief Operating Officer
Stephen GouldANUChief Investigator
Sourav GargQUTPhD Candidate
Sean McMahonQUTPhD Candidate
Sareh ShiraziQUTResearch Fellow
Sarah AllenQUTNode Administration Officer, PA to Centre Director Professor Peter Corke
Ruth SchulzQUTResearch Fellow
Ross CrawfordQUTAssociate Investigator
Rodrigo Santa CruzANUPhD Candidate
Rob MahonyANUChief Investigator
Richard HartleyANUChief Investigator
Riccardo SpicaANUPhD Candidate
Qinfeng ShiUniversity of AdelaideAssociate Investigator
Philip TorrOxfordPartner Investigator
Peter KujalaQUTPhD Candidates
Peter CorkeQUTCentre Director
Peter AndersonANUPhD Candidate
Paul NewmanOxfordPartner Investigator
Niko SuenderhaufQUTResearch Fellow
Mike BradyOxfordCentre Advisory Committee
Michelle SimmonsUNSWCentre Advisory Committee
Michael MilfordQUTChief Investigator
Matt DunbabinQUTAssociative Investigators
Markus EichQUTResearch Fellow
Marc PollefeysETH ZurichPartner Investigator
Mandyam SrinivasanUniversity of QueenslandCentre Advisory Committee
Luis Mejias AlvarezQUTAssociate Investigator
Lin WuUniversity of AdelaideResearch Fellow
Laurent KneipANUAssociative Investigators
Khurrum AftabMonash UniversityResearch Fellow
Kate AldridgeQUTCentre Administrative Coordinator
Juxi LeitnerQUTResearch Fellow
Juan AdarveANUPhD Candidate
Jonghyuk KimANUAssociate Investigator
Jonathan RobertsQUTChief Investigator
John SkinnerQUTPhD Candidate
Jochen TrumpfANUAssociate Investigator
Jeffrey DevarajQUTPhD Candidate
Jason FordQUTAssociate Investigator
Jae-Hak KimUniversity of AdelaideResearch Fellow
Inkyu SaQUTResearch Fellow
Ian ReidUniversity of AdelaideDeputy Director
Hui LiUniversity of AdelaidePhD Candidate
Hugh Durrant-WhyteUniversity of SydneyCentre Advisory Committee
Hongdong LiANUChief Investigator
Gustavo CarneiroUniversity of AdelaideChief Investigator
Guosheng LinUniversity of AdelaideResearch Fellow
Greg LeeQUTExternal Engagement Coordinator
Gordon WyethQUTChief Investigator
Frank DellaertOxfordPartner Investigator
Francois ChaumetteInriaPartner Investigator
Feras DayoubQUTResearch Fellow
Fatih PorikliANUAssociate Investigator
Fangyi ZhangQUTPhD Candidate
Fahimeh RezazadeganQUTPhD Candidate
Edison GuoANUPhD Candidate
Donald DansereauQUTResearch Fellow
Dinesh GamageMonashResearch Fellow
David SuterUniversity of AdelaideAssociate Investigator
David HallQUTPhD Candidate
David BallQUTResearch Fellow
Dan RichardsQUTPhD Candidates
Clinton FookesQUTAssociate Investigator
Chuong NguyenANUResearch Fellow
Chunhua ShenUniversity of AdelaideChief Investigator
Chris McCoolQUTResearch Fellow
Chris LehnertQUTResearch Fellow
Chris JefferyQUTPhD Candidate
Bohan ZhuangUniversity of AdelaidePhD Candidate
Ben UpcroftQUTChief Investigator
Ben TalbotQUTPhD Candidate
Ben MeyerMonashPhD Candidate
Ben HarwoodMonashPhD Candidate
Basura FernandoANUResearch Fellow
Anton Van Den HengelUniversity of AdelaideChief Investigator
Anthony DickUniversity of AdelaideAssociate Investigator
Anoop CherianANUResearch Fellow
Anjali JaiprakashQUTResearch Fellow
Andrew SpekMonashPhD Candidate
Andrew EnglishQUTPhD Candidate
Andrew DavisonImperial College LondonPartner Investigator
Andres Felipe Marmol VelezQUTPhD Candidate
Anders ErikssonQUTResearch Fellow
Alex ZelinskyDefence Science and Technology OrganisationCentre Advisory Committee
Ajay PandeyQUTResearch Fellow
Ahmet SekerciogluMonash UniversityAssociate Investigator
Adam TowQUTPhD Candidate
Adam JacobsonQUTPhD Candidate