The ability to see is the remaining technological road-block to the ubiquitous deployment of robots into society…

The Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Robotic Vision will play a key role in overcoming this roadblock. It will develop the underlying science and technologies that will enable robots to see, to understand their environment using the sense of vision, and to perform useful tasks in the complex, unstructured and dynamically changing environments in which we live and work.

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The Australian Centre for Robotic Vision is headquartered at QUT’s Gardens Point campus in Brisbane, Queensland Australia.


A newly refurbished space has been created for the Centre on Level 11 of QUT’s S block between Brisbane’s CBD, the botanic gardens and Brisbane River. QUT hosts a biannual festival called Robotronica, which showcases the Centre’s work in robotics and computer vision as well as many other related activities.



News Updates

News Updates

RoboticVisionAU @RoboticVisionAU
Robotic Vision  @RoboticVisionAU
RT @maththrills:#QLD Department of Science Information Technology & Innovation (#DSITI) Executive Director Paul Russell visits… 
Robotic Vision  @RoboticVisionAU
A sneak peak at #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy2 courtesy of Centre Chief Investigator Michael Milford. @maththrills 

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Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Robotic Vision will allow robots to see, to understand their environment using the sense of vision.

This is the missing capability that currently prevents robots from performing useful tasks in the complex, unstructured and dynamically changing environments in which we live and work. The Centre will deliver the breakthrough science and technologies to create a new generation of robots that can visually sense and understand complex and unstructured real-world environments. Robots that understand what they see are the key enabling technologies for an array of emerging applications in robotics and automation.

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About Us

The centre has been funded for $25.6M over the next 7 years, of which $19.0M is from the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence program.

The Centre comprises 13 chief investigators and 6 partner investigators from 10 organisations spanning robotics and computer vision across the globe. The Centre will be led by Professor Peter Corke at the Queensland University of Technology.

Why Robotic Vision?

Research will be organised into 4 research themes:
Robust Vision will develop new sensing technologies and robust algorithms that allow robots to use visual perception in all viewing conditions: night and day, rain or shine, summer or winter, fast moving or static.
Vision & Action will create new theory and methods for using image data for control of robotic systems that navigate through space, grasp objects, interact with humans and use motion to assist in seeing.

Centres of Excellence

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Robotics Vision will create novel technologies and techniques to ensure that the algorithms developed across the themes can be run in real-time on robotic systems deployed in large-scale real-world applications.

Our Researchers

The robot vision process starts with images. Current cameras fall far short of human capability when it comes to sensitivity and dynamic range.
We will tackle this problem in two ways. Firstly, we will investigate new sensing technologies including combining multiple low-cost sensors, to improve the quality of images that we start with…

Learning for Robotic Vision

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Robotic Vision will create vision-enabled robotic systems capable of understanding and responding to their environment, that can operate reliably over long periods in complex unstructured surroundings, and that can interact safely and effectively with humans as well as objects.

Current state-of-the-art robot systems are rooted in computing the geometry of the scene, and rarely designed for operation when that geometry can change…

Visual Computing in the Cloud

The Centre of Excellence for Robotic Vision will create new theory and methods for using image data for control of robotic systems that navigate through space, grasp objects, interact with humans and use motion to assist in seeing. State of the art vision-based control of robotic systems treat visual sensing and image processing as separate black box from which more classical sensor outputs are derived…


Australian University partners
Queensland University of Technology (administering organisation)
University of Adelaide
Australian National University
Monash University

International University partners
University of Oxford, UK
Imperial College, UK
ETH Zürich, Switzerland….

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Contact Details

QUT (Administering Organisation)

  • 2 George Street Brisbane, 4001 Australia
  • +61 7 3138 7549

QUT, Queensland University of technology

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Monash university

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ANU, the australian national university

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the university of adelaide

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Name Location Role
Zongyuan GeQUTPhD Candidate
Zhibin LiaoUniversity of AdelaidePhD Candidate
Zetao “Jason” ChenQUTPhD Candidate
Yuchao JiangUniversity of AdelaidePhD Candidate
Yi “Joey” ZhouANUPhD Candidate
Yasir LatifUniversity of AdelaideResearch Fellow
Yan ZouMonashPhD Candidate
Xiaoqin WangMonashPhD Candidate
Will ChamberlainQUTPhD Candidate
Viorela IlaANUResearch Fellow
Vincent LuiMonashPhD Candidate
Vijay KumarUniversity of AdelaideResearch Fellow
Trung Than PhamUniversity of AdelaideResearch Fellow
Tristan PerezQUTAssociate Investigator
Tracy KellyQUTFinance & Administration Officer
Tong ShenUniversity of AdelaidePhD Candidate
Tom DrummondMonash UniversityChief Investigator
Tim MacugaQUTCommunications and Media Officer
Thuy MaiUniversity of AdelaideNode Administration Officer
Thanuja DharmasiriMonashPhD Candidate
Tat-Jun ChinUniversity of AdelaideAssociate Investigator
Sue KeayQUTChief Operating Officer
Stephen GouldANUChief Investigator
Sourav GargQUTPhD Candidate
Sean McMahonQUTPhD Candidate
Sareh ShiraziQUTResearch Fellow
Sarah AllenQUTNode Administration Officer, PA to Centre Director Professor Peter Corke
Ruth SchulzQUTResearch Fellow
Ross CrawfordQUTAssociate Investigator
Rodrigo Santa CruzANUPhD Candidate
Rob MahonyANUChief Investigator
Richard HartleyANUChief Investigator
Riccardo SpicaANUPhD Candidate
Qinfeng ShiUniversity of AdelaideAssociate Investigator
Philip TorrOxfordPartner Investigator
Peter KujalaQUTPhD Candidates
Peter CorkeQUTCentre Director
Peter AndersonANUPhD Candidate
Paul NewmanOxfordPartner Investigator
Niko SuenderhaufQUTResearch Fellow
Mike BradyOxfordCentre Advisory Committee
Michelle SimmonsUNSWCentre Advisory Committee
Michael MilfordQUTChief Investigator
Matt DunbabinQUTAssociative Investigators
Markus EichQUTResearch Fellow
Marc PollefeysETH ZurichPartner Investigator
Mandyam SrinivasanUniversity of QueenslandCentre Advisory Committee
Luis Mejias AlvarezQUTAssociate Investigator
Lin WuUniversity of AdelaideResearch Fellow
Laurent KneipANUAssociative Investigators
Khurrum AftabMonash UniversityResearch Fellow
Kate AldridgeQUTCentre Administrative Coordinator
Juxi LeitnerQUTResearch Fellow
Juan AdarveANUPhD Candidate
Jonghyuk KimANUAssociate Investigator
Jonathan RobertsQUTChief Investigator
John SkinnerQUTPhD Candidate
Jochen TrumpfANUAssociate Investigator
Jeffrey DevarajQUTPhD Candidate
Jason FordQUTAssociate Investigator
Jae-Hak KimUniversity of AdelaideResearch Fellow
Inkyu SaQUTResearch Fellow
Ian ReidUniversity of AdelaideDeputy Director
Hui LiUniversity of AdelaidePhD Candidate
Hugh Durrant-WhyteUniversity of SydneyCentre Advisory Committee
Hongdong LiANUChief Investigator
Gustavo CarneiroUniversity of AdelaideChief Investigator
Guosheng LinUniversity of AdelaideResearch Fellow
Greg LeeQUTExternal Engagement Coordinator
Gordon WyethQUTChief Investigator
Frank DellaertOxfordPartner Investigator
Francois ChaumetteInriaPartner Investigator
Feras DayoubQUTResearch Fellow
Fatih PorikliANUAssociate Investigator
Fangyi ZhangQUTPhD Candidate
Fahimeh RezazadeganQUTPhD Candidate
Edison GuoANUPhD Candidate
Donald DansereauQUTResearch Fellow
Dinesh GamageMonashResearch Fellow
David SuterUniversity of AdelaideAssociate Investigator
David HallQUTPhD Candidate
David BallQUTResearch Fellow
Dan RichardsQUTPhD Candidates
Clinton FookesQUTAssociate Investigator
Chuong NguyenANUResearch Fellow
Chunhua ShenUniversity of AdelaideChief Investigator
Chris McCoolQUTResearch Fellow
Chris LehnertQUTResearch Fellow
Chris JefferyQUTPhD Candidate
Bohan ZhuangUniversity of AdelaidePhD Candidate
Ben UpcroftQUTChief Investigator
Ben TalbotQUTPhD Candidate
Ben MeyerMonashPhD Candidate
Ben HarwoodMonashPhD Candidate
Basura FernandoANUResearch Fellow
Anton Van Den HengelUniversity of AdelaideChief Investigator
Anthony DickUniversity of AdelaideAssociate Investigator
Anoop CherianANUResearch Fellow
Anjali JaiprakashQUTResearch Fellow
Andrew SpekMonashPhD Candidate
Andrew EnglishQUTPhD Candidate
Andrew DavisonImperial College LondonPartner Investigator
Andres Felipe Marmol VelezQUTPhD Candidate
Anders ErikssonQUTResearch Fellow
Alex ZelinskyDefence Science and Technology OrganisationCentre Advisory Committee
Ajay PandeyQUTResearch Fellow
Ahmet SekerciogluMonash UniversityAssociate Investigator
Adam TowQUTPhD Candidate
Adam JacobsonQUTPhD Candidate